We continue to produce the best and the most up to date solutions in Voice and Network system all around the world.

Neocom Communication Technologies

Neocom is an information technology company incorporated in 2009 by a team combining the experience of the long years in voice and network solutions. Since its inception it has achieved many important cabling, voice and network projects and completed successfully every project it has undertaken. Neocom completing entire certificates belonging to the manufacturers in cooperation is company creating end to end voice and network solutions for its customers and having a high opinion on their satisfaction.

Neocom is further improving itself day by day in a world where the importance of technology is more pronounced everyday. As well as effectuating voice, data, network and cabling projects by creating support with the most recent technology on the field of communications technologies throughout our country in Istanbul, Ankara and Baku offices and at the same in many countries abroad, systems thereof offers 24 hours of continuous technical support 7 days 24 hours.

Neocom always managing to be at the forefront and keeping satisfaction of the its customers above everything aims to meet their demands in the most reliable way, under most suitable conditions and the most recent technology by means of following the latest technologies in progress.

Neocom rendering services with its expert staff on their fields in every solution it offers, has adopted as a principle to sustain its business cooperation with the world's prominent companies of information technologies in the most effective way. The expert staff of Neocom holds the entire certificates procured by the manufacturers.

The business partners of Neocom are the ones which are deemed as the most successful in their fields such as AMP, APC, AXIS, Cisco, EMC, Estap, Fortinet, HCS, HP, Landa, NEC, Ruckus, Samsung, Vmware and Veeam wherewith it continues to cooperate effectively and wherewith it solidifies its relationships.

Neocom supplying solutions of structured cabling, network, telephone exchanger, call center and data center structures, server backup and virtualization, storage, Firewall and CCTV executes its activities with its large staff in order to offer its customers perfect service in a broad range.

There are many projects, targets and ideas ahead of us waiting for Neocom family. Neocom having an important position in the sector with its quality, technical infrastructure, security, speed, and problem-solving skills aims to offer itself and its services to the entire old, new and potential customers thereof and sustain its current relationships with them.

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